Garage doors are usually highly functional, sturdy and able to hold up for years to come. However, not paying attention to the general wear and tear may give rise to costly repairs and replacements in the long run.

When your garage door gets stuck halfway through or comes off from its railing, it can pose an immediate security threat. While minor problems with your garage door might look mechanical and complex, they’re really not. These concerns can easily be remedied by following a few simple steps:

Space Between Rail and Rollers — Rubbing Noise

If you’ve noticed rambling, scraping or rubbing noises whenever your garage door opens, you have a problem. There might be a gap between the rail and rollers or the rail might not be completely straight. If left unaddressed, the misalignment can only become worse through repeated use. The heavy frame of your garage door might only dislodge the rollers even further.

A repair technician will loosen the screws that hold up the garage door frame and knock it back into its original place. Once that’s done, they will tighten the screws.

Transmitter Isn’t Working

Your last transmitter used to work from half a mile away. But the new one doesn’t. Is that a problem? Not necessarily.

Different transmitters have different range limits depending on the company you bought it from and their frequencies. However, if you’re confident that you’re well within range of the garage door transmitter and still doesn’t work, there might be an obstacle in its path.

Make sure that the area around the antenna is clear of any foreign object. If there’s anything in the transmitter’s way, it might not only work for its assigned range but can also damage the antenna in the long run.

Door Not Closing/Opening

Garage doors are designed to stop if there’s any object in the way—it could be you or your car. This is to prevent any accidents from happening—garage doors are heavy duty hence they can potentially crush anything.

But this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t close or open completely at any given time. If the door doesn’t close completely, you need to ensure that there’s nothing beneath it.

You should then check tracks to make sure they’re free of dust and debris. This could be a possibility especially if you live in a hot and dry environment. Cleaning the tracks regularly is one way to avoid frequent stuck ups.

There are other potential problems that a garage door might face. While you can fix a few of these by yourself, for most you of them you should consult a professional.

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