Millions of homes in the United States have garages or carports. And most of these garages are spacious enough to hold more than one car.

However,the majority of US homeowners use their garage to store household items as well as their vehicles. An estimated one in four Americans reported that their garage is too cluttered to even fit one car!

And with spring in the air, many people have cleaning the garage on their to-do list. Here are some quick and easy spring cleaning tips to keep your garage sparkling, and to prevent bacteria from thriving in its corners:

Make a Plan First

One of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning their garage is starting without making a proper plan. The first thing you need to do is to decide its purpose. Will you continue using it for storage, or do you want to dedicate it solely to your vehicles?

Once you know that, it’ll be easier for you to decide what to keep in your garage and what you must throw out. It will also help you gather the necessary supplies to get the job done.

Remember, it can take more than a day to clean out your garage, so make sure you allocate sufficient time for it!

Remove the Clutter

Step one is removing anything from your garage that doesn’t belong in it. Create separate piles for trash, items to donate, recyclables, items that you can sell, and of course, things you want to keep. As a general rule, anything you haven’t used for a couple of years needs to be thrown out.

Pro tip: Check the weather forecast before you start piling everything outside the garage!

Consider Doing a Deep Clean

A deep clean means removing everything from the garage and disinfecting and cleaning everything inside. This includes all the windows, the garage doors, any shelves or ledges inside your garage, and scrubbing the floor.

Use an antibacterial cleaner to kill any bacteria or mold that’s thriving in your garage. Be sure to wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from germs and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Repair or Replace Any Cracks or Damaged Areas

Once you have finished cleaning, you might start seeing cracks in the floor or a damaged structure that was previously overlooked due to all the clutter.

Before you start arranging things in the garage, you might want to seal any cracks and get the necessary repairs done. This will increase the life of your garage and ensure the safety of your car and the other items stored in it.

Invest In Containers and Wall-Fittings

If you plan on storing household items in the garage, you might want to invest in storage containers, wall fittings, and shelves.

These will not only help keep everything organized, but they will also allow you to maximize garage space by utilizing the wall space of your garage. It will also make it easier for you to find anything you need quickly and without making a mess!

Make sure your garage door is in top condition to prevent any dust and debris from getting into your garage in the future. Consider installing an insulated garage door to protect the inside of your garage further.

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