You’ll be surprised to know the variety of garage door faults and damage we’ve come across! It’s not always as simple as a loose screw or rusting metal tracks. We’ve encountered things like a bird nest growing in front of the photo sensor;a tennis ball lodged in the tracks, preventing the door from closing.

Given the number of odd experiences we have had, we can give you a list of common reasons why your garage door won’t work.

The Transmitter Batteries

This may sound like an obvious reason now. But when homeowners encounter trouble with their garage doors, this is rarely where their mind goes.

Your doors need a power supply to function and transmitter batteries tend to die after a period. This cuts the signals that the transmitter would normally send to the garage door to open or close. The simplest solution is to change the batteries and try again.

Photo Eye Sensor

If you have an automatic garage door that operates with a photo eye sensor, you need to check its alignment. These sensors prevent injury to people who might be in the way of the door while it’s closing.

They transmit invisible signals from one end to the other that detects any obstruction in the way of the door. They close only when they detect a clear coast.

But these photo sensors don’t always have the perfect vision. They can get dirty over time and that can affect the functioning of the garage door. But if the door still isn’t working after cleaning, it’s probably because the photo sensors are not aligned in the same direction and at the right angle.

Garage Door Track

The metal track that your garage door runs on needs to be in perfect alignment. Only if it’s installed correctly, will the door move without any obstruction. But if it’s out of alignment, it can be a serious problem. It could be because of gaps between the rollers or deformities in the rail. The weight of the door can make it riskier for it to run on a malfunctioning track.

A sign of this problem is that your door will make a sound while moving. You may need to hammer the track back into position and tighten the screws. But the task can be risky for someone who isn’t experienced.

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