Your garage doors are as essential to keep your vehicle safe and to tighten the security around your house. Since it’s a direct entry point into your house, a malfunctioning garage door is a security risk and needs to be repaired ASAP.

There are a number of reasons that can cause garage doors not to open or close properly. Wooden doors get warped due to humid weather, weather sealants get damaged and hardware loosens. You need a professional to examine the problem and identify which of the following is the cause.


If your garage doors make a lot of noise while opening or closing, you’re not the only one facing this. You may need to open your garage at odd times and the job needs to be done discreetly.

But loose hardware, rusting hinges or shabby parts can make the door noisy to open and wake the entire neighborhood up. Some screws may need to be tightened and parts need to be fastened back into place. Or the hinges might need lubrication to run smoothly.


Wooden garage doors need waterproof weather sealants to caulk the cracks. Even minor damage should be repaired at the soonest because it can quickly worsen. Such cracks or gaps also compromise the structural integrity of the door and increases the chance of break-ins.

Faulty Door Opener

There’s an automatic door opener mounted on the inner walls of the garage that’s operated by a remote. In some cases, the batteries that activate the opener may die or the sensors may stop working.

This can cause difficulty in opening the garage doors. Sometimes it just needs new batteries. Or if grime has accumulated on the sensor lenses, you’ll need to clean it, so the sensor can detect the signals.


Wood is susceptible to warping in humid conditions. This can affect the structure of the garage door and they might stop functioning eventually. In order to prevent this, tension rods are installed on the insides of the garage doors for extra support against warping.

It’s good practice to check for these tension rods when a new garage door is being installed. They prevent the door from changing shape and keep it straight over time.

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