Garage door opener is critical to the proper functioning of your garage door. Though an average garage door opener has a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years—and even twenty with proper maintenance—it’s still viable to upgrade them to the latest technology to reap countless benefits.

Newer models of garage door openers provide garage owners with increased safety, feasibility and security. Here are some more reasons why you should consider replacing your old garage door opener.

Auto Safety Reversals

Before 1993, all garage door openers were manufactured without any safety reversing mechanisms. This safety feature comes with two smart sensors that are mounted 6 inches above the ground on both sides of the door.

Whenever an object or someone comes in the way of a closing or an opening door, the light beam from the sensors is obstructed, which immediately signals the door to stop and reverse.

A garage door opener without an automatic reversing mechanism can be a threat for you and your family’s safety.

Less Noisy

woman covering ears with pillow

If your garage door almost wakes up people in your neighborhood, it may be time to change your garage door opener.

Traditional garage door openers utilized a chain drive to open and close the garage door. if you’ve noticed a chain—which looks like the one from your childhood bicycle—near the opener, consider upgrading to a belt-drive opener. These garage door openers are the quietest and smoothest.

However, if you want to stick to the chain drives, a newer model in the same category would be effective at reducing the noise too.

Better Security

Advance garage door openers comprise of a new feature that alters the entry code every time the garage is used. On the other hand, traditional garage door openers put you at a higher risk of burglary and theft. They only allow you to set one default code for the garage door, and thieves can easily decipher that code.

Smart-Home Options

Newer versions of garage door openers offer you more convenience and luxury. You can connect these openers to your Wi-Fi network and control the garage door from a remote location using your smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

You can open, close, lock, unlock, and even track how many times your garage was used through an advance garage door opener.

They are also built-in with more advanced features including time display, temperature display, and sensors to control the garage lights. You can even setup lock-down periods for the garage when you’re away on a vacation.

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